2015 WEST SALEM WSM5472 Horizontal Grinder

2015 WEST SALEM WSM5472 Horizontal Grinder
2015 WEST SALEM WSM5472 Horizontal Grinder
Sale Price
$250,000 USD
Located in Southeast, US

Product Description

2015 WEST SALEM WSM5472 Horizontal Grinder

-60” Millpower Shaker conveyor/finger screen –  deck removed, used to meter flow of material fed by operator and reduce bed depth to make cross belt and head pulley magnets most efficient.
-60” Eriez cross belt electro magnet.
-Eriez 10K42 kW Silicon Rectifier incorporating:
*   To convert 480 volt, 60 Hz, 3 phase AC to230 volt DC
*   10,000 watts output
*   Normal convection cooled, full wave bridge circuit
*   Fused AC switch
*   Nema 3r Enclosure
-Eries beefy magnet stand to support magnet and chain fall. 
-60” x 28’6” Slider Bed (Heavy Duty Feeder Type Conveyor) with 8’ section of stainless steel non-magnetic for Eriez cross belt magnet to perform at peak
-20”x60” Dodge magnetic head pulley – installed to double up on magnets on conveyor, prior to material entering WSM grinder drag chain feed.
Downstream from this is the WSM 5472bh Titan horizontal grinder.  Schematics and wiring diagram can be supplied as well.
WSM also supplied the chip discharge conveyor and magnetic head pulley and electrical panel with touch screen (by Emerson).

Price includes dismantling and loading on buyer's trucks. Manuals available for components.

Product Specifications

TypeHorizontal Grinders
Manufacturer WEST SALEM
Stock Number12321010